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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

time for change.

Well, I consider myself a near master of positive thinking these days. I know all pain is temporary and I believe it's most likely a result of something we need to work out. So, work it out I will...

I've been admittedly pretty down since the Edward Snowden NSA information leaked. I'm so far removed from main stream media that I no longer feel it's effect. I haven't had a TV in over four years. I have no idea what's going on the "real" world.

When I realize most people not only don't know what is really going on, they don't care, I got super depressed (this is not a new revelation, but it hits HARD every few months when major shit goes down). It's defeating to feel so misunderstood and lost among the masses. It's okay though. First of all, it's not really their fault. They were raised in the same system as we were. Also, the first American Revolution only had 3-6% of the population "awake" when it began. Today, there are enough awake people to really organize a peaceful revolution.

While it seems the power and control folks are gaining a lot of ground, LOVE is gaining ground too. Time to stop needing them. We can take care of each other. Let's do it. It's time to let go of the old, it's not working.

p.s. Another thought: Where's the dating site for "woman seeking: free thinking, liberty-loving man who wants to try to build a life off the grid."? Oh, maybe I should start that...

also... does anyone want to go to this, Restore the 4th Rally with me on Thursday? hit me up!

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