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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The silver lining in all his NSA spying and PRISM stuff, [if there is one]… is that with the conformation of what we suspected all along, maybe those of us "in the know" will now be more comfortable speaking up. They know we know.

It's was not an easy journey to uncover and accept all the lies and deceit we've been fed all these years. I started feeling comfortable sharing information with peers and colleagues more and more these past few years, but I won't lie and say it's been easy. I've lost a friend or two along the way and I'm often isolated in social situations. When I'd make light jokes like "they are reading this now" I was often laughed at and told that we don't live in China. Well...

I was also scared early on in my sharing process when I wrote this blog post about Monsanto. I was hosting my blog on Wordpress at the time, and not 30 minutes after making the post did a rep from Monstano leave a nasty comment telling me I'm wrong and telling lies. (sure, I may have had a fact or two wrong, but the conclusion was and is accurate). When I moved my blog back to Blogger, I lost all my comments from Wordpress. I recently went back to my now defunct Wordpress site to retrieve the comment only to find the entire post has been removed. For a moment, I was a bit scared again. Then I realized, if little ole me is a threat to Monsanto, that's a good sign ;)

Back to the NSA and PRISM scandal. Since the government now knows what we are reading, saying and basically thinking while online, taking action is now inevitable. It's time for us to speak up, take a stand and practice peaceful non-cooperation on whatever level possible. Not everyone can do everything… but every little thing helps.

Share something each day. Practice patience with those who may not understand. Inform as many people as you can, however you can.

I think it was something like 3-6% of the American people were on board when the first Revolution started… we don't need everyone to understand or even agree. We just need small amount of awake people to make a difference in their circle of friends, in their community, and their social networks.

Don't be scared. It's time for a rEVOLution.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

time for change.

Well, I consider myself a near master of positive thinking these days. I know all pain is temporary and I believe it's most likely a result of something we need to work out. So, work it out I will...

I've been admittedly pretty down since the Edward Snowden NSA information leaked. I'm so far removed from main stream media that I no longer feel it's effect. I haven't had a TV in over four years. I have no idea what's going on the "real" world.

When I realize most people not only don't know what is really going on, they don't care, I got super depressed (this is not a new revelation, but it hits HARD every few months when major shit goes down). It's defeating to feel so misunderstood and lost among the masses. It's okay though. First of all, it's not really their fault. They were raised in the same system as we were. Also, the first American Revolution only had 3-6% of the population "awake" when it began. Today, there are enough awake people to really organize a peaceful revolution.

While it seems the power and control folks are gaining a lot of ground, LOVE is gaining ground too. Time to stop needing them. We can take care of each other. Let's do it. It's time to let go of the old, it's not working.

p.s. Another thought: Where's the dating site for "woman seeking: free thinking, liberty-loving man who wants to try to build a life off the grid."? Oh, maybe I should start that...

also... does anyone want to go to this, Restore the 4th Rally with me on Thursday? hit me up!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get the government out.

Facebook just suggested that I like Will & Grace and I thought "I LOVE Will & Grace" and clicked like without hesitation. [A few minutes later I realized how cliche of them to offer that today].

I'm very happy to see all the people celebrating equality in my news feed. However, I feel a tug at my inner heart strings to share my thoughts...

One: that I wish the government had nothing to do with marriage. 

My intention is not to rain on the happiness that is all over my Facebook wall today, but I realize that might be what I'm doing, so that's I am writing this on my blog... you can leave now if you want.

I am heartbroken.

Being able to marry who you want is a personal choice. A God given right. We are all born onto this planet Earth and we all deserve to be here and have our own, personal, pursuit of happiness.

No one should have to ask for permission from the government. Asking implies you are being granted a privilege. Voluntary agreements between consenting adults should be allowed in a free society. It's time to stop asking a corrupt government for permission to do things they have no business in deciding.

Equal rights for gay marriage still doesn't mean equality for all... it means equal rights for married people. What about me? the single person? Where is my tax break for not getting married and having 12 kids? What about couples who spend lifetimes together and never marry? No privileges and no tax breaks for those who are married. It's not really equal until we are ALL equal.

[By the way.... marriage licenses were originally instituted to prevent interracial marriage... so it's safe to say we don't need them anymore.]

I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but I hope that if you read this, you'll do some research and think about things.... I didn't arrive at this conclusion overnight. I hope you'll consider asking what equal rights really means. 

In summary: people can have any kind of committed relationship they want. No need for the government to "license" (A permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing, or carry on a trade) such a relationship. Government is here to protect people from things like murder... and well, murder. Everything else is a personal choice and is a-okay in a free society. 

Two: Can we all just ignore Westboro Baptist Church? Seriously. Let this be the last thing you read about them. News outlets will stop reporting on them if we stop reacting to them. We can't change them, but we can change how we react. Pretend they don't exist!! And if you aren't ready to let go yet and if you want to laugh, watch this.


"Live on and be yourself. No law's gonna change us, we have to change us. Whatever God you come from, we all come from the same one."

I welcome all comments and criticism in the comments section below or at

Thank you for reading. Peace and love.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

29 and feelin' fine.

I'm a bit late in getting around to my annual birthday blog this year.

my. life. is. busy.

With the big 3-0 right around the corner, it feels like I should set some goals about things I'd like to accomplish before next year's milestone... but first I want to reflect on the fun things I've done this past year:

Enjoyed my first music festival [Bunbury] right here in Cincy. There's really nothing better than live music outside in the summertime... next to the river. Loved it, and can't wait to go again this year! 

Got to spend some time at Erin's lakehouse with her family... and traveled with them to Cleveland to watch Nuisance play.

Attended my 10 year high school reunion... which made high school feel like it was both yesterday and a lifetime ago.
Went camping in Alabama for what turned out to be one of the coldest nights of my life. (right up there with when I slept in my down coat in a trailer in Venice during Mardi Gras).  
Voted in my second presidential election. (I couldn't vote in 2008 because I was in between moving states). I drove to see MxPx in Cleveland that day and I'm SO glad I was at a punk show on election day.

Traveled to New Orleans for the first time to visit my sister and nephew. I loved exploring a new city and got to cross "beignets at Cafe du Monde" off my bucket list. Oh, and I got to enjoy a drive-thru margarita! That was pretty fun.

Rang in the New Year in Cumberland with Erin [and about 20 teenagers].

Watched my best friend and her hubby welcome their sweet son into the world.

Finally got see The Beach Boys live, and to make that even better, John Stamos played with them and he sang "Forever". The 8 year old girl in me was ridiculously happy.
I've made a lot of new friends this past year and even connected with a few old ones. Oh.... and I kinda learned how to draw [finally]... and started to practice piano again. 
The day of my birthday... I went to see The Lumineers and Cold War Kids with a few friends at Riverbend. It was an absolutely gorgeous night and since watching live music is pretty much my favorite thing to do, it was a great way to start my 30th year.

On a more personal note... I'm very grateful that I've found more like minded people to connect with online and in real life... people who value themselves and others and really want to make a difference in this world.

I've gone through quite the transformation these past few years as I evolve my thinking and faith. Right now goals for before turning the big 30 are:
... to find ways to help advance the liberty movement. The journalism degree in me aches to share information! While online activism is great, I want to really help.... somewhere, somehow.

... and to continue to be myself and speak from my heart. A lot of things that happen these days leave me absolutely heartbroken, and to feel it so physically is to feel a calling... to be the change I wish to see. 

This life is good. Thanks for reading!! Peace & Love.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Raw Corn & Cauliflower Soup

I made this new raw soup tonight... it was pretty good, tastes summery! Next time I might skip the avocado and use less garlic...

1/2 an Avocado
1 Tomato
2 cloves Garlic
1/2 cup-ish Sweet Corn, frozen or fresh
Cilantro, raw (however much you like)
1/4 head of Cauliflower
1 cup Water
Olive oil

I drizzled the cauliflower with olive oil and let it sit for a few minutes before blending. 

Liquify in blender. 

Topped with green onion, red pepper flakes and turmeric.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rethink Your Life.

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become." -Steve Jobs.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

earthing it

Spring is finally here. I can hear it in the birds' songs, see it on people's faces, smell it in the fresh air and feel it in the sunshine. Spring is here.

Yesterday, Bella was outside, laying in the dirt practically all day. I noticed how much my dog was enjoying laying right on the earth... squinting from the sun. I remembered reading a few articles about "earthing" a while back... so I decided to follow my dog's lead and go stand barefoot on the dirt and face the sun. It felt pretty damn good. I don't care if it makes me a hillbilly or a hippie, I'm going to be walking around barefoot more often. I live in Kentucky. I can get away with it.

Why is the Earth’s Energy Healing?

The amount and type of electricity in our environment influences our bodies’ natural internal electrical stability and internal rhythms, and can affect our health for better or worse. The earth’s electromagnetic layer protects our bioelectrical circuitry against static electrical charges and interference, as well as excess free-radical activity in the body. Free radicals, generated through normal metabolic processes involving oxygen as well as exposure to environmental toxins, damage cells by stealing their electrons.

As the earth’s surface is abundant with negatively charged free electrons, grounding quenches free radicals. This supply of electrons is constantly replenished by solar radiation and lightning strikes. Through direct contact with the earth, we absorb these electrons through the skin, and neutralize free radical activity within our bodies. Grounding, like ingesting antioxidants through food, is another one of Nature’s protective mechanisms against chronic inflammation and degenerative disease caused by excess free-radical activity.  "Grounding/Earthing" from HeartMD Institute.

Some more info on the health benefits of Earthing:

Body Earthing Wikipedia

Earthing: A simple (and free) way to reduce pain and inflammation

The Health Benefits of Grounding (Earthing)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gotta try this!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

some thoughts on positive thinking.

The art of positive thinking is a beautiful thing. However, I think the biggest misconception about positive thinking is that you have to do it ALL the time, and any negative thoughts are bad thoughts.

This is simply not true.

Bad things happen, accidents happen, relationships end, people get rejected, cancer happens, people get laid off, people pass away. There are plenty of "bad" things that happen in this world. This is exactly where I find positive thinking to be most valuable. Allow yourself to feel negative emotions, deal with them and move on knowing that the good always comes back around. It's only when you let the negative overtake your life does it become a problem. We live in a society where negative emotions are masked with anti-depressants, alcohol, over eating, shopping... the list goes on and on. Not one of these coping mechanisms is worse or better than the other. They all just are. Incorporating positive thinking makes the pain less painful because you realize it's only temporary. It's okay to feel that way today, you won't feel like that forever. Go ahead... cry it out.

Don't think you have to see the silver lining in every cloud. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there and it also doesn't mean that you still don't feel the rain.