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Sunday, April 7, 2013

earthing it

Spring is finally here. I can hear it in the birds' songs, see it on people's faces, smell it in the fresh air and feel it in the sunshine. Spring is here.

Yesterday, Bella was outside, laying in the dirt practically all day. I noticed how much my dog was enjoying laying right on the earth... squinting from the sun. I remembered reading a few articles about "earthing" a while back... so I decided to follow my dog's lead and go stand barefoot on the dirt and face the sun. It felt pretty damn good. I don't care if it makes me a hillbilly or a hippie, I'm going to be walking around barefoot more often. I live in Kentucky. I can get away with it.

Why is the Earth’s Energy Healing?

The amount and type of electricity in our environment influences our bodies’ natural internal electrical stability and internal rhythms, and can affect our health for better or worse. The earth’s electromagnetic layer protects our bioelectrical circuitry against static electrical charges and interference, as well as excess free-radical activity in the body. Free radicals, generated through normal metabolic processes involving oxygen as well as exposure to environmental toxins, damage cells by stealing their electrons.

As the earth’s surface is abundant with negatively charged free electrons, grounding quenches free radicals. This supply of electrons is constantly replenished by solar radiation and lightning strikes. Through direct contact with the earth, we absorb these electrons through the skin, and neutralize free radical activity within our bodies. Grounding, like ingesting antioxidants through food, is another one of Nature’s protective mechanisms against chronic inflammation and degenerative disease caused by excess free-radical activity.  "Grounding/Earthing" from HeartMD Institute.

Some more info on the health benefits of Earthing:

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